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Editorial Team
30 Aug 2018



Intangible made Tangible: Leadership Concepts into Practice

leadership management

Navigating the constant concept of flux is not easy. Being in sync makes positive ROI certain in uncertain situations

Before existing concepts establish their status quo in practice, au courant concepts knock on the organization’s door. Getting gung-ho about new practices that worked for the giants without on-ground research about consequences- is the biggest faux pas. The balance is the key here. Just like any decision between priorities.  

The burgeoning stress on the yellow elephant of big data can be detrimental in the long run. The paradox as it may sound, but data proves it. The Duke University and Columbia University combined study claims emphasizing figures over people can go terribly wrong and emboldens unethical behavior. Nobody wants scandalous insignificant to become significant when things get blown out of proportion about the organizational culture. As was the case with Wells Fargo, Mitsubishi, Uber, Volkswagen, and Toshiba. 

With cross-functional work dimensions becoming the norm, the structure of hierarchy is dilapidating. The realization that you are as good as the weakest member of your team, pushes individuals to another concept called ‘knowledge sharing’.  

Contingent workers form 20% of the total organizational force today. Organizational curiosity works out well for them where you know more. You want to know more. You work more and you become more.  

The decoupling of compensation and performance management is the talk of the corporate town right now. The ground-zero of ditched annual performance review (Read: Deloitte, Accenture, SAP, GE, and Adobe) took many takers for the idea. But it failed miserably for many who followed in their wake.  

If an organization is being a witness to replaced underpinnings, it must ensure the alternate foundation is equivalently sturdy. Has it to be peer review, learning-based approach, or rating-less performance systems?- the rubrics have to be measured out.     

It’s always prudent to take up the best concepts suited to the organizational needs. The ‘concept-abacus arrangement’ is at the discretion of talent management leaders who understand their organization like no one else.                

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