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Editorial Team
03 Aug 2018



Our Performance Management Systems, need an architectural change, Period

Performance management system

With evolving times, one’s input needs to be measured on totally different parallels than before.  

To dissect the parallels of Performance and Management is to sign on the death warrant of your company’s life-cycle. It's only a matter of time, till the leaders will start meditating on this aphorism in their everyday lives as well as secluded offices. For too long have the yearly appraisals been pressed onto the employees based on past performance reviews. Needless to say, those who thereafter need a change, don’t necessarily walk up to their superiors and say: 

“Sir, may I discuss the lesser-rewarding, inadequate policies of your Enterprise with you?” 

Instead, they make it even harder a blow to bear, when they pass on their resignation letter to the other side of the table. The CHROs being the Talent Miners, need to see that focus shifts from what an employee is to what an employee could be. Having set ones’ mind on it, the areas of growth could be re-evaluated to design a growth plan for its subjects. Below are a few to-dos that could give a head start:  

A Clear Goal: One thing that is common with all the successful organizations is that they set tasks for the individuals to accomplish. The priorities are aligned to the potential of the people, making possibilities of a mismatch out of question.  

Systematic Feedback: The moment people approach a closed door with their supervisor, they get the jitters about something that they’d have “done a blunder”. Even the most universal of mindsets pre-assume of who’ll speak and who’ll listen in these supposedly open-feedbacks. The solution is to have frameworks in place that allow your subordinates to open up to you and share their mind. 

Rankings, are you kidding? Tons and thousands of posts have splattered their typical opinion of rankings in an official landscape. They help in creating mostly a division IN labor, OF labor. With a few outshining the others, there comes a point when the workforce submits to a downward-spiral. Get rid of such hierarchies and start rewarding people for the surplus of skills that they have inculcated or the insights that might have helped pull the business forward. 


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