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Editorial Team
14 Sep 2017



Stimulants of a Successful Corporate Culture

corporate culture

Mend your company’s culture, the products and services will take care of themselves.

The components of any organisational subject matter, remain THE SAME in principal but are subjective in adoption. Hence, you see an umpteen number of views on a single topic, strewn all over the internet. The Culture, for instance at any company could be unique, owing to the rules of the jungle of that industry but they all sing the same thing. And that is, a healthy corporate culture translates into a healthy business performance. What practices and parameters could then be coined, if at all, to have a universal discussion on the literature of Corporates?

Companies that have consistently excelled in their areas are known to quantify the aspects of communication, wellness, responsibility and work environment. Their tenets, bind the management to maintain a grasp of the happenings and make aware the subordinates of their assistive presence. They build on this through ruthless employee feedback uncovering the loopholes in the system. Employee satisfaction is prioritized in that performance guidelines do not take the back seat. Ensuring that these remain unhindered, the best of the corporates show their appreciation of the all-important Diversity.

But it's not that brands with the likes of Starbucks and P&G have always foreseen such necessities. Every once in a while, they take a crash course on Employer-Employee Collaboration, from their Startup freshman, soon-to-be Unicorns. If anything, it allows them to introduce more transparency in their work environments.

In a nutshell, learning never ends. The same applies to the creed that at the end of the day, attracts or repels talent to a company. But, if there is something that can be safely stated, then it’s the certainty of an overall satisfaction on part of the workforce, vis-à-vis such practices.


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