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Editorial Team
18 Sep 2017



Bilateral Management – the essence of the new age organization

Organization culture

Companies endorsing a democratic culture tend to be liked by their employees more. Read on

For the governing management, that treats its office like a second family and its inhabiting employees as related kin, people are the blood veins that breathe through its corporate body. Aware of this unguarded secret, does your reporting boss allow the infants of the family, per say, the freshmen & alike juniors, the freedom of expression? Are the same ideas tossed into the bin before an enthusiastic cadet even finishes the sentence, owing it to their inherent resistant to change? When the patriarchs of a team, give at least a respectable say to the bursting opinions regardless of organizational rank, then that leads to transformative change, powered by talent, imagination & innovation.

Stereotypes kept aside, an idea needs to be appreciated for its merits. Mastery in business function is a pro-creation of value learning. It doesn’t mean putting pen to every word, but let’s just admit, one of those ideas that our leaders, or YOU being one, might have discarded as too naïve, was a good bet. Traditional norms of who does what in an organization, sooner or later leads to rusting of that inner, curious child that wants to ask questions and in-turn help with the innocence of a progressive genius. So when you, as a leader, go a tad old-school in your approach this is what you reap:

Employee engagement is the most elementary reason linked to workplace performance. It shapes productivity leading to customer satisfaction. Is that not what a business is in the market to achieve? Motivated employees that harness autonomy, a tinge greater than the dull ones. This gives room for a meaningful purpose in every action of theirs. Add to that, the optimism which revitalizes a need to come to, grips with the latest Technological trends. Applying such an emotional intelligence at the workplace will undoubtedly churn the mill and output the Leaders of Tomorrow.

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