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  • INBOUND 2020 Boston, MA USA 18 Aug 2020

    INBOUND 2020

    An annual fixture since 2012, the event this year is expected to feature more than 250 speakers. The event is targeted at marketers, salespeople, and customer success professionals. Attendees can participate in inspiring talks from famous speakers along with educational breakout sessions led by innovative marketing, sales, and customer success practitioners. 

  • HR + L&D innovation & tech fest Johannesburg, SA 24 Aug 2020

    HR + L&D innovation & tech fest

    The 2020 fest is the first HR and L&D Innovation & Tech Fest of South Africa. This event looks to celebrate “the talent, technology, and ideas that are transforming the future of work”.

  • Recruitment agency expo Birmingham, UK 07 Oct 2020

    Recruitment agency expo

    This two-day event is among the biggest for recruiters in the UK. It offers to learn about the challenges, changes, and opportunities facing the industry, along with extensive networking opportunities with other industry professionals. Speakers include Ben Ritchie, Chief Product Officer at Cognism, and Steve Beckitt, Founder at SourceBreaker.

  • Recruiting trends & talent tech Las Vegas, USA 13 Oct 2020

    Recruiting trends & talent tech

    Billed as one of the world’s leading events on technology for HR and the possibilities it brings, this event has a legacy that has stood strong for over 20 years. More than 10,000 attendees from over 40 countries will attend 100+ sessions from more than 125 speakers, including forward-thinking HR and IT executives, respected industry thought leaders and proven practitioners. The event will have a special focus on ‘Women in HR Technology’.


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