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Editorial Team
15 Sep 2017



Become A Hiring Ninja in 2017!

talent recruitment

The Talent Acquisition Function is undergoing paradigm shifts in companies worldwide. A look at the new age tools the best in the business is using.

The biggest challenge for a CHRO is hiring top-notch talent that is out there in the market. In fact, that war for talent has taken on new dimensions in a socially connected world. How do you outdo the competition, and outperform your manager’s expectations? Here’s the thing: get the process right, and everything else falls in place. 2017 has seen the world of talent acquisition undergo a wide array of transformations. While job portals remain an important component, the tools and metrics have changed drastically, to say the least. Here are the latest trends that you can leverage to gain that much-sought advantage over your competitors in the talent market.

Social Tools – This, perhaps the most obvious change in the entire function, is the increasing reliance on Social Media for recruitments. Facebook posts announcing vacancies, tweeting about new hires and open positions and actively connecting with potentials on Linkedin are all fair game. Engagement multiplies and is a huge advantage over the erstwhile one-on-one phone call.

Applicant Tracking – Building relationships with candidates through automated communication, regularized email campaigns, and of course, through their smartphones is the new normal. With several open sources and cloud-based tools, ATSs are no longer the mainstay of expensive ERPs. These can be used to maintain a strong bond with your potential hires.

Employer Branding – A key to score advantage in the talent war, talent acquisition teams across the world are increasingly focusing on branding themselves as a great workplace to work in. Event-related social posts, CSR activities, workplace fun and happy employees, while still not the core of attracting top-notch talent (compensation and benefits will, perhaps forever, claim that spot) is now a major draw.

Consulting Agencies- They are no more limited just to searches. Agencies today take the initiatives to enhance employer reputation, track competitors, collaborate on organizational culture building and advise on the entire spectrum of talent strategy. The right partnering choice needs to be a carefully crafted decision, and should ideally prove a reliable one-stop shop for seamless integration into talent acquisition plans. Definitely worth the budget.

Event-Based Hiring- Hackathons, conventions, industry seminars and job fairs have been in practice for decades now. The new dimension is in design. Interviews and assessments are integrated into the entire process to ensure maximum impact on outreach, often resulting in an employment offer before the day is over. Invitations reach potential hires on their smartphones and anywhere, anytime virtual participation is the latest trend.

The best part of recruitment is that once the parameters, performance metrics, and processes have been identified and successfully integrated, it is a simple task of compliance that has the potential to enhance the productivity of the entire talent management functions.


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