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Editorial Team
05 Aug 2017



Is AI taking over YOUR recruitment?


Future of HROf all the HR functions that a CHRO would like to automate, nothing possibly ranks higher than recruitment. A look at what AI is doing in this domain 

Recruitment, effective and efficient, is probably the mythical golden goose. HR leaders would love to see the process automated, albeit intelligently, saving time and resources while maximizing productivity in the long run. Machine learning assessments, seamlessly integrated into existent HRMSs, seem to be doing just that. With the superhuman capability to sort and identify high potential candidates through various data types (think skills, education, experience levels) and presenting them to the hiring manager in a particular sequence using algorithmic tools, their applications are multiplying productivity to that of a human recruiter many times over.   

The other stages where intelligent automation is taking over is in interview scheduling and offer releasing. However, it also holds tremendous potential for background authentication, profiling, technical assessment and several other key metrics of a recruiter’s responsibilities.  

Will this mean that the machines will take over recruitment? Yes, and no.  

Yes, they will take on an increasingly significant role in the entire process of tedious and repetitive task flows, and a large chunk of artificially intelligent data-oriented functions. No, because apart from the streamlined experience of applying to a company and getting hired, every candidate will still want an employer experience. In fact, let's face it, the human interaction element of the candidate being welcomed, interviewed and onboarded isn’t going away anytime soon.  

On the other hand, adoption of AI technologies in recruitment, in all the functions and sub-functions mentioned above, will ensure that the Human Resources Team of today becomes the Human Relations Team of tomorrow. Farfetched? Not really. And then comes the big kahuna, Human interaction and cultural fit of a candidate in an organization. Most industry experts believe this one particular aspect will remain solely the responsibility of human recruiters for a long time to come, AI advances notwithstanding.  

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