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Editorial Team
03 Aug 2018



You Work at Your Organisation, But Do You Love It?

Workplace Culture

Your workplace is your second home. Its’ time leaders & professionals addressed it as such

Ever had an amazing customer care experience over a phone call, wherein you were made to feel like King or a Queen? A pertinent question that you as a customer would have wondered of was “How well are such professionals trained?”. But, the broader prospect that encompasses this trivia is, how well has the top-management passed on quality fundamentals to its personnel? Market pioneers in their respective industries have only been able to set such examples through an intense love for their organizations.

For instance, Whole Foods created a set of management principles on organizational culture. Southwest Airlines went as far as listing its stocks under the tag of “LUV” at NYSE. The most considerate perhaps is the case of John Chambers. The present Chairman of Cisco comes forward to be personally in touch with employees, who have lost a loved one, offering help. Now, consider the quality of products, services, and professionals that these brands are renowned for. See, the connect?

Care for the customer/products is the END that could be achieved through the means of Organizational LOVE.

CEOs with the help of CHROs, who laid the founding stone with this in mind, more importantly, ran their companies in such fashion, became legends. The two poles of workplace relationships and quality have a lot of geography in between. We often have bad days at work, don’t we? Would you like a senior who walks up to you and asks “What’s wrong?” or rather the tyrant who demands “I need the deliverables by the end of the day!”. Studies speak volumes proving that Employees who feel loved, perform better.

The dictionary defines time to be an indefinitely continued process of existence and events in past, present & future. Add the flavor of empathy and what you get is life. Life turns out is the stimulus, that businesses need to bolster their sustenance.


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