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Editorial Team
15 Sep 2017




hr generalist

There are some essential inherent traits that define the very nature of your potential HR manager’s success on the job. Why not find out with a classic game of 20 questions?

Is your next interviewee THE ONE? The all-conquering, all pervasive, highly intuitive, solutions-mastering, bright star? Hiring the right HR generalist, the master-of-all trades, so to speak, in your organization increases organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Here’s a quick five-minute game, framed in the classic “20 questions” style. At the end of it, hopefully, your answer will be “Yes, this is my next HR Manager”. 3…2…1.. here we go!

All the best!

1. Who has keen business acumen for how well employee productivity should be structured?
2. Who can build trust with both new hires and internal stakeholders, including business ownership?
3. Who can be the most important link between business leadership and new hires, at all times?
4. Who has great influence and advocacy skills within the organization between every department?
5. Who has a clear understanding of quality coaching and mentoring?
6. Who has the best strategic thinking and forward looking perspective in the organization?
7. Who has the best eye for detail and attention to the specifics of the organization?
8. Who can be a wonderful multi-tasker and successfully handle multiple projects at once?
9. Who has high regard for deadlines and finishing projects on time?
10. Who has far-above-par communication capabilities in the organization?
11. Who is the best negotiator? A believer in win-win situations?
12. Who has excellent brand representation skills and marketing communication capabilities?
13. Who has a natural intuition for analytics and a logical reasoning oriented mind?
14. Who has a high regard for technology? A natural inclination towards embracing cutting edge technological platforms?
15. Who has strong knowledge of statutory regulations and laws and is always updated?
16. Who has strong policy making capabilities based on business goals?
17. Who has a strong sense of numbers and basic math for quick calculations?
18. Who can look through the business jargon and actually focus on the implications of corporate communications
19. Who has leadership identifying and nurturing inclinations within the organization? Who can spot a future leader from afar?
20. Who has a well-honed foresight? Who believes in planning ahead for people related business scenarios?

If your answer to all of the questions above was “Yes” about your HR applicant, congratulations! You’ve found the perfect HR manager! If they weren’t, it’s what you should be looking out for keep searching for that right hire!


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