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Editorial Team
29 Dec 2017



Constantly Calibrating yourself, that’s What the Millennial Mindset is all About

the millennial mindset

Performance issues will be a thing of the past if you get your head around this axiom

Our tendency to readily accept stereotypes is what bolsters the spread of the same. What interests our psyche is the oomph with which we slide past the responsibility to fact-check things. Take the immediate case of our next-door corporates, who for once are stuck finding the answer to the question Why are millennials important to the workplace? 

As much of an outlandish character, the present generation of employers have to deal with, it is their failure to understand the rationality behind such millennial-quirks, that makes hiring a failure.   

First things first,  

Time has quantified the quality which the Baby-boomers & Gen-Xers refused to be born with. The curiosity to ask Why?  What is the purpose of the existence of your business? To say the least, it should be more than just to make the founders rich! With a valid explanation of what your aim is, you could have young blood banging the door-steps to your office, as millenarians yearn for a direction to drive in, the most. 


Be done away with the feudal fashion of saying Yes-Sir, pave way for Whats-up! That’s right, no matter how formal you are with the Gen-Y, you would only attract jibes behind your back from them. The pecking order lights-up the pedestal-worshipping attitude that needs to be flushed out. Cushion those hot-blooded-sleeping-giants with the feeling that the organization is more of a comrades-hand-in-hand operation than a collection of mechanized robots earning their livelihood.  


Merge targets with expectations. Make belief, that there are heights to be gained when it comes to career-structuring within your company. Set challenges and urge your knights to acquire new knowledge. 

Never forget, what has been coined in the air and disposed-off as chatter, of being annoyingly stereotypical of millennials, is nothing but the attributes of those aspirants who logically want to grow in lives. Embrace their attitude, for its healthy for business wealth.   

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