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Editorial Team
07 Sep 2020



6 Tips for HR Professionals to Tackle Workplace Biases (Infographic)

Workplace bias is often unintentional but all the same very real. Promotions get delayed or denied, good-looking colleagues receive more rewarding work opportunities, and well-dressed team members get all the attention. Bias at the workplace happens fast, so much so that you may not even notice it instantly!

From interviews to appraisal meetings and design approvals to candidate referrals, there is more than one setting for bias to make its place. Only 20% of workers over the age of 55 years find employment in the US, and the number of age discrimination complaints touched 18,000 just in 2017.

Weight, height, hair color, the dress you wear – there is more than one form of workplace bias. HR must make a dedicated effort to eliminate this bias, leveraging technology, innovating evaluations, and encouraging employees to speak up.

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