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Editorial Team
15 Sep 2017



3 Proven Ways to Motivate Your Employees

employee motivation

A sound business model or product isn't enough for a successful organization unless its employees are motivated at work.

This appears to be a common scenario: when an employee joins a company, he/she seems to be highly motivated, which is ultimately reflected in his/her productivity. However, with the passage of time, a significant decline is noticed in his/her motivation level. It results in disengagement and low morale, leaving an impact on the productivity level.

Here are 3 unique motivational tips from industry veterans that are worth following:

Take small steps instead of a giant leap: Having lofty ambitions is quite obvious; however, it’s always better to set up smaller goals along the way. Instead of focusing more on making a billion in a year, shift the focus on getting 100 new customers every week—something that will ultimately make the billion dream a reality. Your employees will consider this short-term goal more realistic and put their best foot forward in achieving it.

Give talent a purpose: To motivate talent, think beyond extended vacation, monetary rewards, and work-life balance. Give your employees a purpose; it will definitely enhance their motivation level. When given a purpose, employees will better understand the organization’s vision and perform more efficiently.

Motivate individuals instead of the team: Ensure every stakeholder of a team has a clear, personal knowledge of how working together will benefit him/herself and the team. It will work as a big motivation booster, for sure!


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