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Editorial Team
03 Aug 2018



Wipe Out The Grime Of Workplace Negativity With These Cleaners

Workplace negativity

Workplace negativity can have devastating effects on the employees and their productivity because of its infectious nature. It's crucial to snip them at the roots.

Negativity at the workplace is one of the most dangerous threats to organizational growth and productivity. These are the first symptoms of a rapidly degrading and deteriorating work culture, and the decadence only accelerates with time. It is imperative for HR leaders to take notice and promote a culture of positivity and enthusiasm instead. They can:

Turn Barriers into Opportunities- Every single incidence that is negative has the potential to leave a long lasting effect. However, when viewed as an opportunity for improvement, the collective psyche of the employees can accept it as a challenge that they need to overcome and promote teamwork and mutual understanding. Acknowledge negativity and then interpret it as an opportunity to improve.

Replace Negative Self-Talk with Positive Self- Talk-Neuroscience has proven, time and again, that every human experience negative thoughts and emotions at some point in their professional lives. This should ideally be accepted as a natural phenomenon. Educating employees and regular counseling on how they can transform these into positive reinforcements and emotions can help beat workplace negativity right at the roots.

Build Relationships based on Trust –HR leaders should foster trust among employees through various engagement activities that promote positive attitudes, interdependence and interpersonal communication that require trust instead of suspicion.

Win People to your way of Thinking – Regularised and controlled debates about disagreements go a long way in avoiding a toxic mindset among employees in an organization. This is one of the most important lessons for HR leaders. Whenever there is opposition, whether individual employees or between departments, an equal and moderated platform where both parties can present and defend their views works wonders in promoting positivity at the workplace.

Disagree Agreeably – HR leaders also must optimally channelize communication and information flow within the organization, specifically targeting and breaking down communication silos and barriers. Proper training and orientation in organizations about always keeping communication channels open and maintaining decorum in all forms of business communication aids positivity overall.A toxic employee is also a human being. The right approach and regular orientation at the micro level when non-intrusive and demonstrative of trust, will always enable HR to synchronize with every employee in building a positive and productive work culture.


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