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Editorial Team
15 Aug 2017



Think Leadership. Think Women

women in leadership

Women are writing a new history of the business leadership. Disruption is in and Luddite complacency is out. 

The leadership positions never distinguish between the holders who are holding the position. It demands effective communication skills, relentless motivation, positivity, creativity, trustworthiness, commitment, responsibility, flexibility, and so on.  

It will fall short of nothing else to have such people on its pedestal who have these skills and the ability to improve every day. It doesn’t differentiate between the gender, nationality, ethnicity or religion of the person. If the person is the perfect fit for the position, leadership belongs to that person. 

The stage is set where the spotlight has to move away from the discussion on the biological differences between men and women and how it leads to the gender inequality to the business opportunities it can lead to. We have had enough of discussions on everything that is wrong with the fact that women often don’t reach the top though there are many at the bottom. We have to look at the solutions from the companies which are doing it right. 

Women are more suited to the leadership responsibilities because they are adept in personal interaction, are guided more by heart than by head, and have a great networking power. That’s not all. These emotional intelligence skills that give them an upper-hand are backed by strategic, performance-oriented, and analytical statistics. Today, they are leading by examples as exemplified by Christine Lagarde, Mary Barra, Lisa Weber, and Angela Merkel.    

The positive changes are making their entry into the workplaces around the world. The extensive studies illustrate that the gender-balanced companies perform better than the ones which aren’t. The skeptics will always be there to negate the positives, but the courageous leaders are welcoming the change. The business world is witnessing the workplace culture revolution and novelty takes time to become the norms.                                       

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