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Women are being paid 82% of the standard compensation. Pay parity between genders has come a long way but gender discrimination still impacts half of the workforce today.

But, the scene shifts as people start climbing the corporate ladder. When it comes to choosing people for leadership roles, the gender bender acts as a major deciding factor. Discrimination in leadership appointment is, in fact, second only to unequal pay. The State of Workplace Gender Parity 2018 –A TopCHRO Report gives a detailed picture of gender discrimination, taking into account:

  • The size of the company

  • Same-sex discrimination

  • Industries

  • Departments in a company

The report comes with its fair share of surprises as it lists the departments where gender discrimination is the most prominent. It draws close on a hopeful note of gender discrimination following a decreasing trend with every new generation.

We recommend this report to:

  • Small startups to big conglomerates with a functional or absent gender discrimination policy on the papers.

  • Organizations who intend to go future forward with ‘equal pay and equal opportunity’ culture.

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