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Editorial Team
28 Aug 2020



Six-Foot Offices and the Age of Social Distancing (Infographic)

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant a rapid shift to a new way of living and a new style of working. As offices were closed, thousands of businesses had to quickly move to a remote work model.

With work slowly limping to a new normal, the post-coronavirus office will look a lot different than past offices. There is a need to stay prepared for immediate and future risks, with some short-term fixes to pandemic-proof the office space. Open-plan offices may fall out of favor; dispersed, personal workspaces will become the norm; and community areas will be minimized. There needs to be a strong focus on hygiene and cleanliness, with automatic doors, sensor-based sanitization systems, and other measures being put in place.

The office itself will become socially distanced, and employees may need to adapt to staggered shifts and rotational days. Contactless offices may be seen where feasible. All in all, the impact on workplace functioning will be long-lasting.

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