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Editorial Team
29 Dec 2017



No Matter How Techie an Organization becomes, its Resources Should Always Stay Human

technology in organization

21st Century Tech exists to help Professionals operate swiftly, not replace them.

Going through one major report after the other, perusing ‘n’ number of pages of how advanced our civilization will be by 2020, people can’t help but think, Is the age of Skynet finally here? Are we doomed? Forget about our lives, what happens to our jobs? Change is inevitable, but let us complete that by saying that we are adaptable! And it couldn’t be more evident than in the function of Talent Management. Utilizing Big Data, Cloud Storage & mobile apps to their advantage is how the Human Resource has forged parallels, of not to fear digitization but embrace it.  

No matter what time & age, the HR would fundamentally be always involved in getting the best out of their people. Though few, yet a selected bunch of our Talent fanatics have opinioned to create in-house competitive portals. Our genetics doesn’t allow us to drown, hence even before a widespread use, such models have a high likelihood of success. Similarly, using the power of Big Data to figure out gender pay gaps, pensions and coming to a level standard with competitors, protecting data by looking towards online cold storages, saving tons of paperwork. We are literally, in an age that allows us to be the creators of our own destiny. The baby boomers didn’t have that luxury. Neither the Gen-X.  

Is the speculation right of AI entering a job function? While that may be true & lower-level job exodus lies in the foresight, it doesn’t necessarily apply to the HRs. Why? Ask yourself, how carefully can face-sensors detect fear, who would make the calls and run background checks during onboarding, what happens to orientation yadaa yadaa yadaa.  

The bottom line - if you are in HR or even aspire to be one in this epoch, the likelihood of technology disposing-off your needs is 100%. 

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