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Editorial Team
26 Jul 2018



LEADING your own thoughts to be the Right Kind of Leader

effective leadership


Belief or Behavior, which is more powerful of the two for structuring Organizational Culture?


When it comes to something as interesting as an Organizations’ culture, the shades can range from one end of the spectrum to another. Successful businesses know how to get from point A, which is what the customer wants? to point B, which is how the company will deliver? Defining this in one word is a Company’s Culture. For something which is as consequential as this fabric, there are minor office-nuances that need to start flowing down from the summit of the leadership. This, to ensure that everybody acquiesces themselves with the ideas that they should be out to achieve.  

Thought Leadership 

True, that it's easier said than done. But effective leadership is the one that practices what it preaches, else it just changes its speech. Picture this: 

Google started as a research project, then became a company and ultimately a conglomerate owning subsidiary companies operating on internet-based technologies. It went on to become a dream company because it has always embraced innovation. Therefore, it comes as no surprise, when the tech-giant urges its employees to devote 20% of their time, one that’s usually spent doing nothing, to follow their hobbies. Reason being, the founders of the company realize the magnitude of contribution one brings when they are in love with what they do, especially if it lets’ you make money. 

Risk Taking  

It could easily be put in words, that if organizational culture is one hemisphere of the success globe, then risk-taking is another. It goes hand in hand with opportunity and to put your money where your mouth is, shows a great appetite for glory.  

It doesn’t matter if the chances of success are 1 out of 10, as long as there is a chance, take the shot. 

We have only paraphrased the code by which Jeff Bezos asks his employees to live. It goes without saying, this is the motto which propelled Amazon to unprecedented businesses highs. Some even argue that it didn’t make a dime in the first 5 years of existence, yet there it stands today, over two decades and expanding.     

The Conclusion -  Belief is the seed, Behaviour is the nourishment & Growth is the resultant tree that your Company aspires.  

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