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Editorial Team
03 Aug 2018



Employee Incentives - Wielding the Excalibur of Employee Motivation

employee motivation

The basic yet all-powerful incentive is still the biggest weapon in the business leader’s arsenal to motivate employees to perform better

It's given that your employees demarcate the difference between you and your competitors in the marketplace. As such, there are also several factors that come into play when you’re looking to enhance productivity and motivate performance, and let’s face it, nothing works better than the good ol’ performance incentive. So here are some out-of-the-box ideas that leading employers around the world are using!



The world’s largest CPU maker offers $50, 000 for tuition reimbursement and an eight week paid sabbatical every year for further learning. It’s a hugely popular program!


Just like the brand, it projects itself to be, Godaddy is serious about fun. It takes employees off-site during paid working hours, every single month! Activities include cooking, white water rafting, and even trapeze classes!


Employees who have performed well in this technology major can expect a special “thank you”phone call from none other than the Vice Chairman himself! Tom Mendoza is known to call 15-20 employees every day to thank them if they’ve done a good job

While rewards and recognition are extremely important in workforce motivation, HR leaders need to remember that it is the ‘culture of productivity’, and not merely ‘giving away’ freebies, that counts as the biggest success factor. Use your incentive program to the hilt, but do ensure measurable outcomes from your employees.


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