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Editorial Team
21 Oct 2017



Employed Vacation: An Oxymoron in Cubicle-Less Reality

modern workplace

What if working felt like vacationing? This dream is seeing its coming-of-age with new introductions at the workplace. 

From baby boomers to millennials to generation Z, the office space is continuously being reined on by different demographical entities. The friction between them will define how the chemistry evolves and how it affects the upper echelons of the management to enforce change in the workplace in terms of rewards, flexibility, and working parameters.  

The differentiation between the vacation and employability will cease to exist because individuals love their comfort zone too much to let it go for the confines of a cubicle. More professionals would be working from home as freelancers and the ones who do visit office would like days off for work from home.  

The working style further into future would be about vacationing while working and vice versa. The blended workforce would erase the boundaries that exist on maps and geographies. The individuals today are as serious about- exploring passions till they figure out what is their calling- as their career itself. Career-hopping and gig-economy are giving way to a fresh-out-of-the-oven phenomenon of the evolved employee contract which has no lifetime guarantee tag.  

Mobile recruiting will continue to rule the roost. Training to employees will be guided by augmented and virtual reality for a distraction-free learning experience. The present workforce need of the instant gratification will be further fortified with the arrival of check-in systems and touchpoints for a round-the-clock feedback.   

Workplace wardrobe fashion changes keeping in sync with the times. Going by this philosophy, jeans and shirts will see off suits and ties out of the door as the former pair gets the keys to the cubicle occupancy. Workplace wellness will be the definition of the new normal which will be witnessed in the implementation of screenings for cardiovascular diseases, food vending machines, and walk and talk meetings. 

All of these, while the companies are busy adjusting to the new order of the work culture or rather, we say, vacation culture.  

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