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Editorial Team
25 Apr 2018



Digital Natives through the Lens of Consumerism: The Employee Experience Dawn

hr competenciesConsumer marketing and technology are the new skills HR managers are brandishing today to attract the top talent 

The companies and their adept HR functions are seen as commodities these days and the digital natives the consumers. A whole culture is being developed around the needs of the millennials and the generation Z. It is the best of the times for the employee experience. 

The development of workspace is done in accordance to the energies of the present workplace. Real estate developers are being roped to design the color palettes, scheme, and layout of the office premises. The touring of the office premises is given to the new hires for giving them a feeling of what working with the companies will be like. 

No more are the activities everyone loves doing is different than those done half-heartedly. The not-so-interesting activities are being poured into the molds of oh-so-interesting activities. The learning experience is becoming akin to watching movies on Netflix. It is being manifested as the function which needs curation by the learning and development intrapreneurs. Top companies like Visa, Adidas, General Electric, MasterCard, and IBM are joining on the bandwagon and letting employees tag, find, rate, and leverage training.  

Recruitment is under renovation too with the tools of design thinking, sentiment analysis, and hackathons. Chatbots like Howdy and Talla are leveraged to build conversational experiences with the employees. Vacation policies, expense reports, and workplace wellness are personalized, conceptualized, and customized. Even the roles are being customized as the professionals sit behind the wheel to test drive the new responsibilities to be added to the old. 

The HR is becoming dynamic to entertain the philosophy of the workspace as not merely physical existence but a mental comfort zone. It traverses the tangible office boundaries to cover the dimensions of the intangibles such as employee engagement principles, culture, the work-life balance, and the technologies used.  

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