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Editorial Team
15 Sep 2017



Contemporary HR: The Evolution of a New Species.

leadership roles

To be ahead of the herd, you need to see what’s coming.

Time, today is rapidly evolving, so much so that by the instant one settles into a professional qualification and acquires experience to add to a resume, a disruptive change comes up. And one dare not contemplate if the changes from one Industry flow to another! They most certainly do. Given this whirlwind and the Talent Management at the helm of it, how does an HR professional fight to first survive & second, get better with the tide of time?

Mantra: You speak the language that everyone understands, period. Analytics has become a vogue not because so few know how to use it but because of its business impacts. But as an HR, you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to gain importance. Your leaders and the CHROs would confirm it, need numbers to understand

a) the worth of their in-house talent
b) confidently take decisions that reflect well on both papers and in reality

Get to know your organizational strategy. Understand what are the sources of income and the departmental budgets as well. With a little more than an average calculation and a few Excel formulas, you could decipher where the redundant expenses are being incurred. Develop and test your hypothesis through discussions with your superiors. Rely on your intellect for manual decisions, for the rest welcome technology. Have you noticed the repetition of questions, that employees usually pose the HR with? Automate the responses through chat bots. Try out in-house recommendation engines. What for? To track and advise career alternatives, within and related to the organization for the employees. Persuading others to act on your learnings, is a major convention of an HR’s life. People from your organization would walk up to you, once they feel they are being enlightened the way nobody else will. To stay atop of your game, learn to swim with the trend and try and see beyond the horizon. This, more than anything else, should keep a human resource professional afloat.


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