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Editorial Team
14 Sep 2017



Bring Your Employees Under the Knife, so They Produce Well-Sculpted Products

employee training

As rigorous the preparation, as better the results on the scorecard.

Training constitutes a major part of one’s career these days. In fact, it has been found that 40% of people who receive poor job training, start looking for opportunities elsewhere. There is added importance coming from C Level Executives., having found that every dollar they invest in online training, compounds into a profit of 30% in productivity. The what, to whom & how of this riddle can be addressed through a learning management system.

Multi-national corporations start the process the moment an employee is brought on board. An LMS allows for an incredible value to be added to the knowledge of a professional in regards to the nature of operations.

Schedule the training. For the record, set the time straight for your employees, both new and otherwise, to finish the training. Give shape to targets and track the progress a person makes over the course of his/her training.

Such is the convenience of this tool, that personalized sessions could be designed for people. Imagine stacking the exercises one ought to go through, generic to the organizations (like a drill), specific to the department & even particular to the job rules.

The most important task perhaps that this aspect of employee-learning offers is the option of feedbacks. A to-&-fro communication between the parties could ensure that the employer uploads streamlined material & the employee goes about the right way of doing things professionally.

An elementary control that lies in the hands of the leaders, is the alternative of flexibility. The independence to work according to one’s choice has been widely asked for at offices. This could increase employee engagement by as much as 18%.

It is noteworthy that 68% of the workers rate their training and development to be the most important working policy. Waste no more time than you already have, implement the strategy to gain that razor edge over competitors.

Source: Forbes


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