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Editorial Team
05 Dec 2017



The Phoenix Must Burn to Emerge

leadership competencies


Spoiler alert: Your textbooks are bound to fail when the realities of life kick-in!


Biographies glorify the life of our heroes, the people who have amassed a cult following, who turned deaf to outward disturbances & listened only to their heart. But do we ever ask ourselves, while going through the same success stories, similar blogs, and alike commemorations, what would the protagonists have felt while dragging their shoes through the murkiest of days, which now form a glistening past?  


Here lies the difference. One can go on reading umpteen number of positive quotes about how beautiful things will turn out to be in the end, but have you ever fathomed why that has never been the case, say with yourself? Because people are too afraid to tread in the mud and get dirty. Till the time we step on the field, or onto the stage, or on the street to face the real deal, we are jinxed to be beaten at the hands of any & every challenge.  

Does a soldier make it to the General straight away without having any battle scars? If not, then how could a CEO envisage a scenario, wherein by virtue of some voodoo spell, he/she could build a future leader out of the current crop of employees. have they been tested? A big Nah. Do they have proven mettle, only God knows.  

Respected CHROs, your troops need be atop of challenges not under. The only way to ensure that is to allow teams to get their hands dirty. Let freelancing knock them off, push them down the scaffolds of training, if possible loan them out to on-site projects & let them be battered with insurmountable scenarios. Only then could you be sure, that your successor is the Chosen One.    

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