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Case Study

The Case study “Opportunities and challenges in AI inclusion – lessons from Unilever” explores the manner and extent of AI adoption by the CPG giant, Unilever. It also outlines the results that were achieved by introducing this change.

96% of recruiters believe that AI can set the pace for the next big revolution in talent acquisition and its image as a collaborative tool is setting into prominence. We tried to find the validity of this belief through the CPG giant Unilever’s experience.

Unilever has paved the way for its fellow organizations by putting AI technologies into practice. It adopted AI to:

  • Forge its expansion into foreign territories.
  • Reduce its hiring cost.
  • Eliminate discrimination.

Download the case study to know how it achieved its desired goals and what other benefits these inclusions brought!

Who should download this study:

HR leaders, Talent managers, and strategists will find this case study useful. The case study will be especially helpful for leaders contemplating AI inclusion in their talent management.

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