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Editorial Team
05 May 2017



Not Able to Think Straight? Blame It on Your Office Zen

workplace design

You don’t need a pyramid hat to think straight, a well-designed office is enough.

Be it a residential accommodation or an official workplace, the way one maintains it speaks volumes of the sentiment that they have for the same. Another perspective that one might add to the discussion, is the scope of maintenance that has been made available to an individual. So, to hoard a workstation with the vibes of Yin & Yang, when the surroundings don’t reciprocate the same, is of no use. Hence, be it relocation or renovation, an office architecture should rally forward the corporate ideals of the business.

There is a direct correlation between productivity and workplace design. Think not?Professionals working with top employers have reported twice as much access to cafeterias and outdoor spaces. Such a population of employed personnel shuns the idea of enclosed cubicles, looks forward to post-office workouts & appreciates the flexibility to work at their chosen spot. Make no mistake, this does not mean breeding the traditional Corporate Style with the effusive Startup culture. It is about demolishing the walls, both figurative & literal, that project the picture of an office bias and favouritism.

Between the idea of design and productivity, can be squeezed the layers of tech-installations & recreational spaces. Motto – is to delineate the positives of creativity alongside promoting the thought process of the business as a whole.

Organisations could help themselves by finding the answers to questions like, defining the median age of their workforce, the impression they want to convey to their clients & to what extent does the current space designs help in achieving productivity? Lending an ear to the employees would bring about substantial results which in turn serves the purpose of boosting their capabilities.


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