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Editorial Team
27 Jun 2017



Millennials, CSR and the HR Leader

millennials and hr leader

Millennials are extremely conscious about their contribution to society and the environment. What does it mean for the HR leader? 

Repeated surveys and research has shown that most millennials are by far the most socially conscientious generation in the past two centuries. This may seem obvious, but holds deep-rooted advantages that the CHRO can maneuver to get high degrees of leverage in attracting, retaining and motivating millennial talent if they keep a few important factors under consideration 


Millennials tend to want to contribute to their organizations and society in general when there is a wide bouquet of CSR activities that they are passionate about. The key is in allowing them to choose which particular sector or activity they are more likely to pursue, and have respective options open for them to explore. 


This catchphrase has caught on, and this is an idea whose time has been around for centuries. Millennials are the most targeted and marketed generation in history. Little wonder, then, that generalized reporting of CSR activities don’t interest them. Instead, focusing on specific individuals and telling them stories about the improvements in their lives, in a format that strikes the right notes, holds the key. 


Yet again, data makes its presence felt as one of the most trusted components in the current corporate world. Millennials love it, and social responsibility should gather data gained from engagement to tell their success stories. Not to mention, data leads to better decision making in all aspects, including investments in CSR activities. 

Millennials, being the generation in the spotlight, are probably also the most dynamic by far, and CSR is a hidden weapon that the CHRO can use to wield loyalty, employee retention, and motivation, all in one go. Millennials value society, and it’s time HR leaders valued what the workforce values. 

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