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Editorial Team
14 Sep 2017



Millennial Workforce Myths Busted!

millennial workforce

There is a lot of misconception about millennials. Some flawed, some just a myth. Let’s find out more on this.

Millennials love their devices more than people, they are a spoilt lot who are prone to daydreaming and mostly strive to maximize the life in the work-life balance. All of these are mainstream opinions propagated, in turn, by popular culture. Millennials have always had it easy! Put them in charge of a turnaround of a struggling mining company and they will run for their lives? Well, not quite so.

An unbiased look casts a lot of these erroneous opinions aside. Millennials are relentless optimists and have been fed more in inspirations from true leaders than the fantastical storytelling of paid advertising that Gen X grew up on. Not to mention their technical prowess and adaptability to new ideas. Millennials are:

Ambitious – If your workforce is dragging its feet to work every morning, there isn’t much work that you can accomplish. Millennials are a stark contrast and are genuinely interested in giving their best, every single workday. Else, they are notorious for dropping job offers they wouldn’t like.

Able Communicators – Millennials communicate differently, but let’s admit it, they communicate more and understand the value connect. Now imagine this trait in your sales team. In the same vein, millennials are probably the most engaging professionals packed in a generation, ever.

True Problem Solvers – They have grown watching the Great Recession of 2008, Arab Spring, Eurozone crisis, and managed to survive through them all, in the prime of their lives. Millennials are pragmatic problem solvers and know how to not only survive but tame a crisis situation.

Millennials are truly a class apart. Unlike what the older generations think of them, they have and always will put their earnest selves forward in their professional lives. So hire the best from the best without prejudice - they’ll get the job done.


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