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Editorial Team
31 Jan 2018



Micromanaging is not an Abstract Art, it's about Grabbing the Pulse



Why chase your team for targets with faff employee engagement? Know what they want, you’ll have what you want 

As employers, we might control the quality of professionals that enter our office. But not their backgrounds. This is what makes diversity such a challenging nut to crack. You serve yourself in the best way by approaching your team experientially. Quite literally, by fine-tuning our brain towards the age group of our peers & people alike, we can create impactful dialogues. Some might even use it, as their Guide to Persuade others in doing what they want


Baby Boomers, the ones who would never let us forget our glorious pasts.    

Grown up listening to Stevie Wonder, Elton John & Deep Purple, they were perhaps the first generation to have been born in an independent world.  

  • Perpetuating the need for academic excellence and a stressful reliance on family values is their trademark.  

  • Inarguably such people look up to structured processes for satisfaction.  

  • Perks like free vouchers, few life style benefits & a good-sounding retirement plan is what makes them hunt jobs. 

  • A cherry on the top would be the sense of corporate well-being, praising their achievements & career progressing opportunities


Do the Millennials need an introduction?  

They grew up dancing to the tunes of the Backstreet Boys, Spice girls & devouring on Harry Potter.  

  • Their thoughts run a race with the adrenaline of their hearts. Crazy about becoming millionaires.  

  • More than the approval of their bosses they look for validation of their own principles for which they put their creativity to work.  

  • Flexibility, Oh yes. For what is worth, they could be in their flip-flops, lying on the Sofa, having Brain-Freeze and still coding the program for the next Facebook! 

  • head, and They are lions beneath their soft skin & so they need their own Jumanji-type challenges. Well, perhaps we are exaggerating, point making them realize that there is something they can’t have, that’s when you’ll get to see the best of them. 


Majority of them would still be in their teens or rushing through the college. A generation that grew young, entirely on technology.  

  • High levels of sophistication in using devices for networking. 

  • They are beasts at partying, full of life and exuberance.  

  • They have seen their elders suffer in the financial crisis. They are predetermined to save.  

  • Might turn out to be opinionated, respect them and entitle them to the freedom of choice, its then that you would have their warm welcome.

Source: SilverDoor


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