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Editorial Team
03 Aug 2018



Get to Greatness With The Smartest Hires

Hiring Process

Hiring the smartest is the key to having the competitive edge in the market today. Something HR leaders know only too well.

In recruitment, settling for mediocrity is probably the biggest threat. Long-term consequences aside, it also drags down the motivation of well-engaged employees and often loosens hitherto compact management practices. A quick look at the metrics and processes that HR leaders can implement in their Talent Acquisition teams and processes to better screen and gauge talent prior to making an employment offer.

Behavioral Elements - It's critical to correctly analyze and score a candidate on their behavioral patterns. Examples being stress handling capabilities, teamwork, appreciation of others, and a whole lot more. These eventually make a huge impact on the workplace, where employees spend more than half of their waking hours. A good idea is to score them on the basis of crucial metrics, a la psychometric testing.

Motivation and Achievements- The correlation between these two metrics are legendary in the corporate world. A candidate who is not motivated to reach goals will rarely achieve anything. Past achievements and a screening of their extracurricular activities are a good way of assessing how proactive they are likely to be in their contribution to the organization.

Competencies and Skill Sets- It’s important to be as specific and as detailed as possible when analyzing the skill sets of potential hires, for a seamless integration into the already existing team or department. Domain expertise must be paid as much attention as technical skills to ensure a smooth transition, not just relying on induction and training.

A good hire can be the greatest asset of a company, and with the right amount of attention paid to the nuances, HR can as always, lead the way.


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