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Editorial Team
30 Nov 2017



CHROs, prepare for the Agile Workforce!

A digitally transformed corporate world has necessitated speed, disruption, and flexibility like never before, and HR are the sentinels of the new world.

A well-connected workforce is a more productive workforce, and so is a more flexible workforce in today’s world. Speed, agility, productivity, have all become catchphrases that management is seeking out in their talent hunts, and the duty falls, naturally, on the shoulders of the HR. In fact, several companies surveyed revealed that they see an agile workforce in the form of freelancers, temporary or contract workers or external specialists comprise as much as 50% of their entire staff in another 5-10 years’ time! Note that it also means that the number of permanent employees will reduce to half of the entire workforce!  

But the more traditional practices of onboarding and training workers is where we are likely to see the most impact, as traditional systems meant for traditional workforces are rapidly replaced by newer hybrid systems that double the effectiveness and halve the costs of such programs  

Technology Supported Peer Learning  

Peer Learning platforms, such as TribeLearn, are revolutionizing training and development for the agile workforce with surprising rapidity. Companies like JOLT offer provides a just in time learning program from industry experts at any time through video and multimedia.  

The Holistic Team View  

Flat organizations necessitate a complete development program where the perspective is on overall improvement in the performance metrics of the team, not just individuals, and regularly arranging meetings and seminars between trainers, business managers, and the agile workforce forms the perfect triage for the HR leader to get the correct viewpoint.  

Engaging the interest of the new age agile workforce is no mean feat either. There are several consulting firms that have reported freelancers declining projects or taking up work that they only find interesting, and these are more common in niche skill sectors. But the potential is tremendous, and an HR leader can reap huge benefits with the correct leverage of an agile workforce.  

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