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Editorial Team
03 Aug 2018



Artificial Intelligence- A Superpower Prosthetic, Not A Replacement

artificial intelligence in hr

The rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence has the potential to revolutionize performance metrics of the modern HCM department. Here’s how

AI is not science fiction anymore, and especially not in the world of the progressive HR teams today, and each team member is a superhero. A recent survey quoted in Personnel Today found that 38% of enterprises are already using AI in their workplace and 62% is expected to roll out their AI initiatives by the end of next year.

In spite of several arguments put forth by naysayers, companies across the world are implementing a unified, harmonious use of artificial intelligence in their HR operations making them many times faster and almost entirely error free. A quick look at some of the possibilities that are fast emerging

Applicant Screening – Artificial Intelligence is being used in screening of applicants, sans the human bias. In fact, implementing an AI program to screen an applicant pool for qualifying, ranking, and grading applicants have proven to save up to 71% cost of new hires.

Employee Onboarding- Imagine being able to assign intelligent robotics personalized to every new hire in their entire onboarding process! This is made possible, thanks to new AI capable HR systems that create new employee profiles, and answer employee queries on policies!

Compliance – Compliance has largely been considered a mundane task by most HR professionals for decades and was one of the first use cases of artificial intelligence making headway into HR processes. By virtue of its rapid data processing and error removal capabilities, artificial intelligence based systems can drastically minimize compliance related bottlenecks.

These and many more, including even corporate learning and development, are seen to be practical applications of AI in HR functions. It’s time to welcome the artificially intelligent!


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