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Worldwide Top CHRO List 2016

The elite TopCHRO™ lineup of the finest CHROs is the most powerful celebration the men and women who continue making gigantic impacts to their organizations, industries and nations through their leadership. The success and victories of organizations and corporations owe it to the people who turn-in the efforts to beat the odds and win the days. The TopCHRO™ Worldwide Top CHROs are the ones who make such awesome teams and cultures and workplaces possible. This TopCHRO™ listing is the result of an exhaustive exercise of picking and profiling more than 1500 HR leaders from 78 countries across continents and assessing them along the 15 vectors of the rigorous TopCHRO™ ICE™ framework. The HR leaders making this list represent the who’s who from the world of business; have shown how they’re grounded at the top, anchored so well through their abilities to learn, and who can be always found standing right behind their people all the way, all along.

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