Planet's Most Authentic Marquee of the Best-Performing Human Capital Leaders!

The marquee

World's most enduring and best performing organizations and businesses have always had great workforce, talents and managers behind them. And making great employees team-up together and work the magic is what the Chief Human Resource honchos have been doing tirelessly - and often without enough recognition to boot too.

The TopCHRO™ initiatives at evaluating excellence in human capital management around the world aim at creating what is easily the world's most authoritative marquee of CHROs featuring leaders and experts in human resource management who have built some of the planet's most powerful, inspiring and high-performance employee-teams, talent pipelines and young leaders over the years.

The TopCHRO™ marquee celebrates accomplishments and contributions of over 500 HR top-guns globally, and consists of a range of TopCHRO™-recognized HR leaders from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and indeed, the flagship TopCHRO™ lineup of Top CHROs Worldwide. The TopCHRO™ HR Leadership Recognition Model - The ICE™
TopCHRO™ listings are derived out of exhaustive, elaborate and rigorous evaluation of profiles of thousands of HR professionals representing all industries and sectors and geographies. The proprietary TopCHRO™ Impact-Contribution-Eminence (ICE™) model is deployed in building up the TopCHRO™ marquee-lists after objective comparisons across 15 ICE™ parameters that include aspects like life management & adversity negotiation; rate of career growth; leadership history; growth of professional eminence as well as diversity of cross-industry professional and cross-domain exposure in HR among others.

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  • Top-CHRO Listings are Ruthlessly Rigorous Under the Bonnet

    The elite 500-odd strong TopCHRO™ marquee contains leaders in shining armors! Those, who have survived among over 5000 other compatriot-nominees, and braved a 60-point evaluation on the world’s first HR Leadership excellence measurement model – the TopCHRO™ ICE™ - that maps nominees on Impact-Contribution-Eminence prongs.


  • The Jaw-Dropping Top-CHRO Coverage

    For every one HR leader finally making TopCHRO™ listing, there are 80-100 others who couldn’t! That means a gargantuan exercise of evaluating and scoring at least 5000 HR leaders from 78 countries whose GDP is at least USD 10 billion – each year – to build the TopCHRO™ listings of chart-buster CHROs of the world!

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