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  • Rethink HR Tech Meliá Hotel Berlin, Germany 21 Nov 2018

    Rethink HR Tech

    If you are looking for a conference that can help you in Strategies and let you know which emerging technology is worth the money then you could attend this conference in Europe. More than 150 Heads of HR and HR decision makers should be discussing on key industry topics.


  • ERE Recruiting Conference Florida 15 Oct 2018

    ERE Recruiting Conference

    They say, if you are a part of a big company or you want to be one and looking for a large growth this is exactly the conference you want to attend. Some renowned names attending the conference include Amazon, Google, and Disney. You can learn about evaluating and hiring candidates through technology. 


  • HR Southwest Conference 2018 To be announced 14 Oct 2018

    HR Southwest Conference 2018

    The HR Southwest Conference (HRSWC) boasts of 100 + educational sessions from thought-leading speakers. The conference should see as many as 200 HR solutions and services and should be an excellent opportunity to network and expand your knowledge.


  • HR Tech Las Vegas, NV 11 Sep 2018

    HR Tech

    HR Tech Conference plans to bring the Tech future near through latest Trends in Digital Media, new Platforms and of course AI. Tradition Technologies will also be discussed that are still working and what can be updated in it.


  • 2018 AHRD International Research Conference in Asia Bangkok, Thailand 08 Nov 2018

    2018 AHRD International Research Conference in Asia

    This conference will present the latest research findings, current practices, and theoretical development in HRD. NIDA proudly invites academics and professionals working in any specialty field of HRD to contribute to the conference by presenting papers, participating in forum discussions, and attending workshops.


  • 5th International HR Conference Barcelona Barcelona, Spain 05 Oct 2018

    5th International HR Conference Barcelona

    After the previous 4 hugely successful conferences, the 5th conference is poised to be even bigger and better. As of now, only the dates have been declared and other details like agenda and speakers will be out soon.


  • Work 2.0 Africa Johannesburg, South Africa 03 Oct 2018

    Work 2.0 Africa

    This HR Conference will shed light on areas like Workplace wellness, Future of the workplace, Human sustainability, and much more. Formerly known as the Training & Development show Africa, they are encouraging people to thrive at work. Work 2.0 is said to be Africa's one of the only event dedicated to the changing nature of work and the technologies that are transforming the workplace.   


  • HRD Leaders Summit Singapore Singapore 02 Oct 2018

    HRD Leaders Summit Singapore

    This HR conference will focus on how organizations can develop themselves on being the most preferred employer, develop and execute a recruitment strategy, and indulge employees in high performance through rewards.



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