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No moot point. Retention is the availability of opportunities

Talent poachers are lurking around waiting for just the right moment to give your employees the ‘next-best’ opportunity. Your employees are most likely to grab it. Unless, of course, you have a seamless employee retention policy in place. Do you have it? Watch the infallible ways you can do it.

Retention, the true Litmus Test for an Enterprise

While expansion should always be on the cards for an organization, it’s real test lies in keeping the workforce happy. Trust is the foundation on which an employee satisfaction grows. Different means of an impressive pay structure, on-the-job training or a wellness program could go a long way in establishing that TRUST. Have you been able to establish this bond with your employees, yet?

Business Goals + Millennial Aspirations = Future of Work

They are here, there, everywhere & they are looking for you. The demographic, that would soon fill the corporate offices with the rush of their zeal, is quite undemanding. Well, not really! Their top priorities are brands that magnetize masses, a place that gives wings to their imagination with some nachos at their desks. Wouldn’t that be a sight!

Rewiring Your Business Ideals for the Future

Building an Enterprise from scratch is no joke! Business ethics are far more reaching than expected, in creating product line values. But wait, that’s not all. It also begins with a determined leadership having clear mission protocols, one that can be achieved following logical roadmaps. Take this thought and immerse it in the employees, that’s your Organizational Culture in a nutshell.

Once Bitten twice shy with the Wrong Hires!

The extent of damage that an ill-suited employee can cause to the parent organization far exceeds the losses on paper. Yet as much as 38% of the Employers, rush to hire a new one. Relax. Neither Rome nor your Company could be built in one day, but it could certainly be lost while onboarding wrong hires.

Multigenerational Workforce: A Competitive Edge

For the first time in history there are over five generations working alongside. There are various trends that brought about this trend. It has its fair share of challenges but also offers a competitive edge by driving innovation & a new perspective in the office.


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