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Editorial Team
23 Mar 2021



How to Evaluate the Performance of Your Remote Workers

The remote work era brings the challenge of performance evaluation while maintaining employee productivity.

From the time years ago when remote work was considered a luxury or a benefit offered to employees, it is now a business necessity. Data has shown that employee productivity has taken a hit of a negligible 1 percent when working remotely, so it is not surprising that 40 percent of workers favor full-time remote work.

The problem arises in the performance evaluation of remote workers. No physical presence means no observation of productivity, excess leniency is as problematic as micromanagement, and work vs personal lives must be respected. Performance reviews must account for biases, communication troubles, and various other challenges in remote work.

To maintain employee engagement yet evaluate performance properly, a review template is useful. Self-assessment and two-way assessment are a must, and videoconferencing is a useful tool. Clear feedback delivered objectively and frequently in an environment of trust and objective KPIs is the way ahead.

How to evaluate the performance of your remote workers infographic

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